“Paris is Always A Good Idea” – Audrey Hepburn

So the countdown begins… I know you’ve been marking the days too. I see you’ve advanced ordered Letter From Paris. Thank you. I’m sure you can’t wait to receive your copy when the book is published next Tuesday. Yes – NEXT Tuesday June 10th … try to be patient for just a few more days.

You may have noticed from recent blogs that I was getting frustrated with this whole social media thing, ranting on about ‘likes’ and the lack of genuine connection. You know who you are… the folks on Facebook who ‘liked’ that I’d had a facelift without reading the post where it is abundantly clear that it is this website that has been new- improved not ME.

How about Facebook extends our options to include liking things – ‘A lot.’ ‘A little.’ ‘Not at all.’ ‘Possibly.’ or ‘Maybe later if I have the energy after I’ve liked another seven hundred posts…’ After all, making a comment takes far too much time.

Well, anyway, the point is, that as a result of hearing these frustrations and in a vote of confidence in my ability to communicate in real time with real people, the publishers are sending me on a radio tour. Yes. Moi…on the airwaves and coming to a station near you.

So I am getting very excited. I know it’s radio, not TV but I’m already planning my outfits. It’s important to feel French when promoting a book with a French theme n’est pas?

“Bien Sur” I hear you say.

Do you think you’re allowed to have your own background music? Happens a little Serge Gainsborough. Of course I may only get a quick plug on a graveyard slot broadcasting to some remote part of the planet yet to have Wi-Fi. But as this will be my debut, I plan on giving it everything I’ve got. Everyone deserves to go to Paris, if only in their imagination.

I’ll let you know the schedule soon. In the meantime I know you’re left with a conundrum. Should I ‘like’ this post? You’re thinking. Please do. Be my guest. I mean, hey…what’s not to like?


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