How to Have Orgasmic Sex with Strangers

A producer friend of mine has invited me to an orgasmic meditation demonstration by Nicole Daedone on Friday night. I live in LA and keen as I am to dispel myths and misrepresentations and to defend this beautiful city of ours, I must mention that in all my years living in England this kind of invitation was never forthcoming.

Unfamiliar with the term and intrigued, I embarked on some research. A quick Google takes you straight to a video on The Huffington Post where a female doctor and a male stroker  (work that job title out for yourself please…) discuss the cosmic connection, enhanced well- being and ecstasy that is to be experienced by following Nicole’s method for achieving orgasmic bliss.

The practice involves taking off your pants (knickers) and allowing a complete stranger (male) called a stroker to stroke your clitoris. A female doctor, an actress and a certified… (or was it ‘certifiable’?) coach/stroker assure you that this is a perfect way to experience a cosmic spiritual connection and that it is an ancient form of meditation used in some forms of Buddhism. That might go some way to explaining the ‘off the shoulder’ robes I suppose.

Call me old fashioned, but my idea of a great night out is not sitting in an audience watching another woman reach her climax.

I’m also not a big fan of audience participation. I mean, I’m keen for my fifteen minutes of fame and apparently that’s exactly how long you get  ‘stroked’ for… but I’d always imagined I would be wearing an evening gown and standing up for the ovation.

Check it out though. I watched long enough to reach the conclusion that the world has gone mad but I felt it a kind of public duty to share. Apparently Nicole’s business is growing rapidly, with 120 coaches and nine centers across the globe. You may even want to sign up for their Mastery Program and become a stroker. I’m sure you’d be very popular at dinner parties.

I have politely declined. I’m settling for an episode of Revenge and a glass of Sancerre. I think that will probably get me closer to Nirvana on Friday night.

My friend Jodi Rose suggested you might enjoy singing along with Clarence – enjoy…

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