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smegHappy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful 2013. I missed you. I thought a quick review of last year’s resolutions would be in order. They were –

  1. Drink less Sancerre
  2. Exercise daily
  3. Write a thousand words of new book daily
  4. Meditate daily
  5. Change from AOL to Gmail.
  6. Quit Chewing Nicorette gum.
  7. Cancel the gym membership at Equinox taken out with good intentions in January 2011
  8.  Stop procrastinating.

So how did I do?

  1. Drink less Sancerre. – We’ll come back to that one in a minute.
  2. Exercise daily – This proved incompatible with number 7.
  3. Write a thousand words of new book daily – Er…not exactly daily, due to my failure to stick to number 1 on several occasions though I did write monthly both day and night the closer it got to the publisher’s deadline.
  4. Meditate daily – I did meditate, but only on my fondness for Sancerre. The enlightenment that followed involved total acceptance. I became at peace with my muse and purchased a candy colored pink Smeg fridge in its honor. Two gleaming shelves are now entirely devoted to Sancerre.
  5. Change from AOL to Gmail. – My email address remains unchanged.
  6. Quit Chewing Nicorette gum – Despite my utter lack of self-control in certain areas, I did in fact WRITE A BOOK !!! Yes. I know, however, I wrote it while chewing my way through boxes of Nicorette gum.
  7. Cancel gym membership – Canceled.
  8. Stop procrastinating – So it would appear that the only resolution I managed to keep all last year was to cancel my gym membership, which I put off until November.

SancerreSo enough of this, let’s get on to the positive stuff now. I’m very happy to be able tell you that Letter From Paris will be published in June. It’s the sequel to India’s Summer and will be coming to an Internet near you. I’m making absolutely no resolutions other than to post blogs every week. I have so many tales from LA for your delight and delectation and much to share from my recent sojourn in Paris…so until next week it’s a bientot mes amis. Bisous. Bonne Années and Bon Chance with your own resolutions.

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