And now ….Give it up for Thérèse

Outside my office window, a palm tree is swaying in the breeze. The sky is violet blue. A tiny hummingbird is hovering on the hedge. It’s heaven. It’s California. It’s home. I’m hunched over my laptop desperately searching for words that like the bougainvillea on the garden wall will tumble effortlessly onto the page. Ah! So now we have something. “Words tumbling effortlessly.” How lyrical. That doesn’t sound like the mood I’m in at all. If I were not sending […]

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Which Way Is Up?

Americans are all born with internal compasses. If you want proof just ask directions from any American. In LA it goes something like this – “So how do I get to your office from here?” (Me, desperately hoping this will not involve a freeway.) “Go North on Wilshire, take Bundy south for two blocks, turn east on Sepulveda, west on Barrington and our office will be on the north side of the street.” * Now this confuses me for a […]