Carrying The Torch

In the few days since the publication of “India’s Summer” my writing has received the kind of recognition authors barely allow themselves to dream about. The Golden Globes coverage eclipsed much of the news in LA and as my PR, Lucy Hamilton explained, Johnny Depp’s breakup with Vanessa Paradis kept me off the cover of People magazine again this week. She has apologized for the lack of media coverage. Those of you who attended the event will bear testimony to the glamour of the occasion and I will share the photographs soon.

The statue is strikingly beautiful and to be the first non –native of New York in history to receive this trophy is an exceptional honor.  It is difficult to express my gratitude to Matt Goldman, co- founder of the Blue Man Group for flying out to make the presentation.

Unaware that I had even been nominated, I was rendered speechless for quite a few moments. Unaccustomed to receiving awards, and the other side of several glasses of wine, I think I came across like Sally Field receiving her Academy Award for Norma Rae “I can’t deny the fact you like me …right NOW you really really LIKE me!”

And so… as I tackle Amazon… as I head out into the world my torch held high… ready for the Free Promotion this weekend…these words will be on my lips and in my heart; “La Liberté éclairant le Monde.”

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